Johnathan Nigel Tingegrom

I make a killer sandwich...

Johnathan had the perfect life as sandwich attendee (and supervisor! lets not forget) in Moyles finest Until one fateful day he was sent down to unclogged a drained dough pipe from the floors of the seven seas. During his mission an unknown incident occurred leaving his gas mask filled with the dense sea water and wet spongy dough. Upon saviour they found it impossible to remove his helmet as the accumulative dough which swooped had sealed off all exits. It took engineer experts 6 long days to remove the helmet and due to long exposure of the deep doughy water he remained alive but with the cost of his face absorbing all the water. He had become an over-bloated pungy sponge face with very opaque blue tint.

Living but now a freak, Moyles finest had to let him go due to his visual unappealing squishy nature that he had become would scare off vital sponsors and clients of the company.
Now Johnathan Nigel Tingegrom is living alone in depths of the murky towns, with no purpose in life.

So I guess engineer with no engineering skill but with a lot wisdom as he has learnt from his many fateful mistakes

Johnathan Nigel Tingegrom

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