Danny Prolesby

*painful cough*


Danny Prolesby never knew his parents. He was an orphan boy with no-one to look out for him but himself. After graduating Van Dyke’s School of Terrible Cockney Stereotypes at the age of six, Danny has been working at least three separate jobs on the streets of London to provide for himself. Where multiple employments gave Danny skills in many fields, it never quite earnt him a full belly or safe place to sleep at night as he was never paid over sixpence for his employ.

Danny lived most of his life on the streets of the capital. Though he once tried to leave for the peaceful countryside county of Leistestershire to follow his dreams of living in a warm building, Danny worked so many hours that he now can’t survive without daily exposure to smog.

At the wise old age of seventeen (He thinks. Danny was never taught to count beyond 15 and a half) Danny decided to chase his dreams and find a cure for his case of smog-lung by travelling to the exotic subcontinent of India where he’s herd the doctors can do anything.

But how would he get there alive without dying of smog loss? Well whilst working for a lovable street gang of pick pockets he came across the legendary master criminal Hatman who came to Danny and told him a new vessel which would be powered not by wind and sail but by engines and coal would travel to the exotics. Danny knew he must get aboard this ship and so with his lucky jar of London smog and his life savings of three shillings, he traveled down to the dockyard of Portsmouth to board The Varuna and set sail to a better tomorrow.

Danny Prolesby

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